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Girl in the Blue Coat, by Monica Hesse

26030682Girl in the Blue Coat
Monica Hesse
4.5 Stars

Hanneke is a purveyor of black market items during World War II in Amsterdam. She is able to provide for her family with this second job. She also sees it as a tiny way that she can rebel against the Germans. One day a customer of hers asks her for an extraordinary favor. She wants her to find a Jewish girl who she was hiding in a secret room in her home. The girl has vanished without a trace, and the only clue seems to be that she was wearing a blue coat.

Part history, part mystery, all thrilling. This time period is my favorite to read about. Although much of the content is completely horrifying, you can see the brightest stars in the darkest of nights. I like to look at the absolute and utter selflessness and kindness in those people who were willing to stand up against the Nazi Regime. This book really shows the mindset of those people. It demonstrates the constant fear that they must live in to do what they know is right. The characters in this book are so strong and brave, despite their fear, they do the right thing every day. Okay, other than the WWII setting, I loved the mystery of this book. Combine these two things and you get such an intense real world suspense. I was very happy with the ending, for reasons I can’t explain, because I am anti spoiler, but if you read it and freak out, don’t judge me, it just felt right. This one really got my feelers moving, and oh the end. If I could give it 8 thumbs up, I would!

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