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Blood Red, Snow White, by Marcus Sedgwick

27414397Blood Red, Snow White
Marcus Sedgwick
3.5 Stars

Set during the Russian Revolution in 1917, Arthur Ransome, a young British journalist, has traveled to Russia in order to write fairy tales. What he finds is that there is much more to do, see, and experience than what he originally had expected. He becomes very deeply immersed in the politics of Russia, and the surrounding areas. He becomes many things to many people, but it seems that he still tries to hold on to his fairy tale life in a world where happy endings aren’t so common.

I thought this was a wonderfully written book., as I think about everything written by Marcus Sedgwick. It weaves the realistic with the ephemeral, and it does so in a way that makes them seem like the same story. The characters, especially Arthur, are multi-dimensional and strong. I love historical fiction, so this is right up my alley. My biggest concern with this book, is that it may not be marketed towards the right audience. I can’t see teens being overly excited to read this story, or to finish it once they have started. It also doesn’t really feel like a fairy tale retelling, so much as a story with a dusting of the magical and mystical within. Although I thought it was a solid work, I am not sure it will find a place with its intended audience.


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