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Exit, Persued by a Bear, by E.K. Johnston

25528801Exit, Persued by a Bear
E.K. Johnston
3 Stars

Hermoine is captain of her cheerleading team. Unlike most cheerleading teams, this one is the main event. They are the biggest sport in their high school. In the Summer before her senior year, their squad returns to the yearly cheer camp. Everything is going fantastically, until someone hands her a drink at the dance, and things go black. She is found the next morning on the shore of the lake, exposed and alone, with a very fuzzy memory of the night before. This is the story of how Hermoine copes. She has to come to terms with the fact that nothing will ever be the same again, while fighting to not let the situation take control of her life.

To me this book was very showing of how different people handle trauma in different ways. It seemed completely unrealistic at first, until I realized that. It also showed me that I have no idea how I would react to certain situations in which I have never been. Hermoine handles her situation with the only grace she knows how to have. Her strength is incredible, and her ability to look at the things that are most important (to her) are astonishing. She is lucky to have the support of her family and (some of) her friends. I was really impressed by the fact that she outwardly and inwardly struggled with the horrible events, but that she was insistent to not have those events swallow her whole. This may not be your typical written rape story, but it is one way for the story to unravel. In this subject, I think it is important to show that there is more than one scenario.


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