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A Little in Love by Susan E. Fletcher

20738167A Little In Love
Susan E. Fletcher
3.5 Stars

Eponine comes from a family that does not have much. They make most of their money by stealing, her sister and her are sent out on a daily basis and chastised if they come back empty handed. No one is ever kind in her family, especially not to their kitchen slave Cozette. One day Cozette is swept away to a better life, and Eponine’s life take a turn for the worst. Her father kills a man and they must go on the run for 6 years. When they finally settle down in a tenement in Paris, Eponine learns of love, friendship, and kindness. She also learns about sacrifice, and what she is willing to do for those she cares about.

This is a retelling of Eponine’s story from Les Miserable. I haven’t read or seen Les Mis, but I was still able to understand the story. I can only imagine that it would have made even more sense if I had. I listened to this on audio book, and I loved the narrator, although her accent did not sound French, her pronunciation of the French words, names, and places were great. Her voice really embodied all of the different characters, and feelings. The story was slow and hard to get into at first. Nothing really happened for a good long time into the book. Luckily the world, character, and relationship building was wonderful. I loved the descriptions of the countryside of France and the streets of Paris. So while this wasn’t a heavily plot based book, by the end I really felt like I was immersed in the story. The raw emotion was incredibly portrayed, it was like I was feeling them as well. This was a joy to listen to if not riveting storyline, but I am not sure how well I would have enjoyed reading the actual book. For me, half of the fun was the narration.


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