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Half Bad, By Sally Green

Half Bad
Sally Green
4 Stars

In a world were there are white witches and black witches, Nathan is caught in between. His white witch mother fell in love with his black witch father, who has cause the death of many other white witches. Now he must live as an outsider, he feels like he is a white witch inside, but his outside makes it obvious that he is not. The Council of White Witches repeatedly makes laws that keeps half-codes and black witches apart from their own white witches. He is no longer allowed to travel freely or talk to other white witches. Nathan struggles with his identity, his family and friends, and his desires for the future.

This has been on my to read list forever, and I could just never get into the idea of this book. So this year I put it on my MUST READ LIST, and I am glad I did. While it probably wasn’t in my top books of all time, it was a fast and interesting read, and it definitely ended on a cliffhanger, so now I’ll have to read more. I didn’t love any single character as individuals, but as a group, I thought they made a cohesive team. The plot moved quickly and stayed interesting the whole way through. I though this was very much in the ilk of many of the paranormal romances that came out during the same time, but it refreshingly did not have an overwhelming romance in it! I thought the world building was lacking in most places, and I felt like I really wanted more in some scenes. I feel like I have no idea what the surroundings were. Although I think there could definitely be some improvements, I am giving this a higher rating because it was a fast and enjoyable read. I am hoping that Green progresses as a writer through this series.



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