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Hippopposites by Janik Coat

Janik Coat
2012 Appleseed Books
ISBN – 9781419701511
Genre – Board Book
Age – 0-2
4.5 Stars

This is a book about opposites with a big hippo as the main character. The author shows the hippo in many different scenarios, with the opposite scenario on the opposite page. These ranges from the easy concepts of small and large to more obscure concepts such as opaque and transparent. One of my favorites is soft and rough in which the hippo is made of different materials.

This book has merit for a lot of different reasons. The first thing I noticed is that it is large format (for a board book) which allows the illustrations to be clear and easy to see (especially important for infants.) It is also a great way to teach the concept of opposites in a book that can be chewed on and when the child is a little bit older it may be more easily comprehended. The pictures are mostly colorful and very expressive. Not to mention I really just love the way the hippo is drawn!