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New Beginning


Recently, I was offered and accepted a new position at work! Starting in February, I will be the new Teen Librarian at the Johnson City Public Library! While I will miss doing storytimes, dancing, singing, and playing with the kiddos from 0-5 years old, this is a good and maybe even great thing!


While going through school, I focused on YA lit and services in the public library, so this is essentially what I have been wanting for the last 5 years. Alas, I am still quite nervous. But here we go anyway. This shouldn’t have much of a change in the blog…EXCEPT…My attempt to post my storytime plans will end, as I won’t be making new ones. I may try to add in some of my teen programming, but for the most part this will probably remain book reviews. Hopefully, my very few and faithful followers will be okay with this.
So here’s to something new! Wish me luck!

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A Short Post to Brag

3074002woh8f3z6s1Recently I was offered a job as a Youth Services Library Associate for the Timberland Regional Library in Shelton. My first day there is November 18th. I will still be trying to post regularly (I’m pretending I do that now!!) However, I will also be adding some different features depending on what my new official job duties are. For instance, I may be posting about programs and story times on top of the regular book reviews. I’ll probably have much less time to read with the additional hours, but I will try to stay a presence on this page. Wish me luck, and thanks for reading!